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Lethbridge Real Estate - Character Homes For Sale

Lethbridge Real Estate - Character Homes For Sale

Our city is not a very old city relative to most other cities in the world.  The oldest houses in our city are just now over 100 years old, and we do not have a huge number of them.  These original founding houses all come with a great history and are often in demand by buyers who are seeking turn of the century classic Lehtbridge character homes.


The quality of the construction of these old houses is excellent.  Most of them have hard wood finishing on the interiors, usually big wide trims on the doors and casings, fancy ceilings with coving or designs, etc.  Even the light fixtures, cabinetry and door knobs are cool.


The only down side to purchasing a character home is that they are often found with out updates to the mechanical systems and lack the modern energy efficiency of a newer home.  Many of these homes still have the big old furnaces in them, have little or no insulation in the walls or attic, and have old cast iron and steel plumbing.  Replacing these bones of the house is no inexpensive task, and it can cost tens of thousands of dollars to make small improvements in reducing the utility bills and maintenance costs of these old homes.


Most of the buyers for these homes are people who have a desire to do that sort of work or who have the money to pay someone else to do it for them.  These properties are not well suited to young families at all.  I have found that the majority of the buyers are 'artsy' people, urban professionals, and affluent retirees.  Of course this is not true in all cases, but it is a fair assessment of who your neighbors may be if you were to purchase a character home in London Road area of Lethbridge.


Here is a short video I made standing out in the rain on a tree lined street in a downtown residential area.  Feel free to watch it, give it a thumbs up, subscribe, or leave a comment.

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Robert W May is a Real Estate Broker in Lethbridge Alberta, having now been in the industry for over 23 years. . He was also a licensed Lethbridge mortgage broker and financing expert with Canada First Mortgage of Calgary Alberta for the past 10 years.  He is an industry leader always willing to help train and educate others in how to improve their business models for financial and personal benefit.



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