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Fishing in Alberta? Maybe Catch and Release

The following article is a warning from the Edmonton Sun regarding certain species of fish found in certain specific places in Alberta that have recently been found to contain unhealthy levels of mercury.  While this issue only affects a small number of people, any matter regarding public health should be taken seriously.  And, since Alberta is well known as having some of the finest fishing in the world, this is important to spread the info around.  Here is the  article:


Safety Warning over Fish


CALGARY — Health officials are warning seafood lovers to avoid eating certain species of fish caught in Alberta after tests found high amounts of mercury.

A public health advisory has been issued by Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Andre Corriveau recommending people limit or avoid eating walleye, sauger and goldeye caught in some places in Alberta to reduce any heath risks.

Women who are pregnant or of child-bearing age and children are encouraged to avoid or limit eating walleye caught from Pine Coulee, Red Deer River at the mouth of the Blindman River or the South Saskatchewan River at the Bindloss Ferry and Medicine Hat.

People should also beware of northern pike from Twin Valley Reservoirs in southern Alberta, and sauger and goldeye from the South Saskatchewan River at the Bindloss Ferry and Medicine Hat.

“While levels of methylmercury identified do not pose an immediate health threat, limiting consumption is the best way to reduce any long-term health risks,” Corriveau said.

“I recommend people who eat fish frequently from these bodies of water either avoid or limit their weekly consumption.”

Mercury converts to methylmercury by bacteria or chemical reactions once it reaches a lake, and then fish absorb it from water as it passes through their gills, or from the prey they eat.

Large predatory fish like walleye and northern pike accumulate more methylmercury as they consume smaller fish.

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