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Lethbridge SEO and Your Home

Lethbridge SEO and Your Home

So what on earth does SEO (search engine optimization) and your Lethbridge real estate have in common?  Well for many of you, NOTHING.

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However, the reality is that more and more buyers and sellers are turning to the internet for information regarding buying, selling, renting, leasing, and listing their Lethbridge real estate.  When they turn to Google (as about 80% or more in our region do) and they start searching, can they find your real estate agent?  Can they find your property listing?  Can they find information that they want that makes them want to do business with you?  Chances are that the answer to those questions is NO.  More accurately, it is probably HECK NO.


I encourage you to open a Google search and type the following into it:  Lethbridge SEO


Take a look at the search results and see who the individuals and websites which rank the highest are.  I think you will be amazed to notice that of the 10 results that appear on page 1 of Google, 7 of them belong to me or are affiliated with myself.

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My Lethbridge Real Estate Blog always ranks #1 or #2, sometimes both.  My Lethbridge Marketing business is near the top, as well as co-owner David Howse's site.  The rest of the page is a variety of links that are primarily other discussions or profiles pointing to these same sites.  Somewhere down near the bottom of the page you will find a couple of my marketing competitors.  (You might recognize them, they are the ones who promise to rank you high on Google, yet they barely hit the first page for their own top search term).

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The point is not necessarily to brag and to tell you that myself and my partner at are the best in the country at SEO, we do not need to as our results and our many satsfied clients do that for us.  My point is to tell you that in todays competitive Lethbridge real estate and mortgage market, in todays competitive business climate, and in todays ultra competitive online marketplace it is extremely important to work with those who are THE BEST.  Not who spends the most money, not who talks the most, not who drives the biggest car.  Those who get the best results are the only ones who matter anymore.

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Give me a call when results matter to you.


For business owners in Lethbridge, SEO is all about striking a balance while achieving success. Everyone wants their website to be ranked high on the results page, because that's what brings in free, organic traffic. Yet they also want a website that is appealing and interactive to the human reader. That's the balance that must be acquired--creating and maintaining a website that is loved by both search engines and human visitors.

It is important to choose a local SEO company to help you with your website, because every location is unique. There are certain factors that influence marketing decisions for your website, such as the state of the local economy, the interests of potential clients in your area, the local competition in your field of business, and other local businesses you may be interested in networking with.

Lethbridge is the largest city in the area known as Southern Alberta and is regarded as a great city to conduct business in. The people are generally friendly and there is a good mix of surrounding urban and rural communities, which all make up Southern Alberta. Over the past several years, Lethbridge SEO services have undergone substantial growth and change, due largely to the Multi-media program offered by Lethbridge College and the University's New media program. Both of these programs provide an influx of fresh talent sporting training in all the current technology and optimization techniques.

Whereas in past years there were only a couple of Lethbridge SEO agents offering their services, this number has recently grown to a dozen or more and continues to grow to meet the needs of an increasing number of Southern Alberta clients requiring website optimization.

Now there is a good selection of Lethbridge companies offering SEO services for Southern Alberta website owners. When choosing an SEO provider, make sure they follow the Google Webmaster guidelines, found at Google Webmaster central. Ask your prospective SEO provider to supply you with examples of their previous work, to give you a detailed agenda of what they plan to do to improve your website for the fees you are paying, and an idea of what kind of results you should expect within an approximate time frame.

SEO, or search engine optimization, was born in the early 1990's when website owners discovered that it was very beneficial for their site to be found on the first page of search results, and more specifically in the very first spot. Research has shown that people entering a search term are approximately 70% more likely to click on the very first link than on any other. Therefore, the website awarded with the first listing is also rewarded with the greatest amount of traffic.

The search engines love information. Information is the fuel that drives them. Their main goal is to present to the searcher, the absolutely best possible information they can find. The search engines don't care how wonderful your graphics are, they don't look to see whether or not there is a beautiful display of color or moving animation.

The human searcher, your potential customer also loves information, but in small packets. Human viewers are wowed by impressive graphics, they are captivated by displays of fascinating colors, and they are mesmerized by dynamic animation. Herein lay the need to balance a website by optimizing it both for the search engines and for the potential customer. You cannot have a successful website unless you have optimized it both for the search engines and for your potential customer.

Optimization for the search engines gets your website into a position where it can be seen by customers, and then optimizing it for the human viewer keeps your potential customer on your site long enough to positively influence them into becoming your customer.

SEO is a process, with constantly changing rules and guidelines, and SEO professionals must keep up with all the latest research in this area in order to be effective. Optimizing your website is not a destination that you arrive at and then you're done. It is a journey, which often has its bumps and detours, as your website jumps all over the page before finally settling down into one area on the page. Sometimes your website may stay in that one spot for a period of time, or it may move around on the page. It depends on many factors, including how many other sites are vying for that page.

A good SEO specialist will do some research in your field and will know your competition. They will be effective at trying which techniques work for your type of business and location. A good optimizer will also monitor your website's statistics on a regular basis, and take care of a myriad of other results-oriented activities designed to enhance your site's performance on the search results pages.

The end results you should be able to expect from the best Lethbridge SEO experts are better search engine rankings , resulting in more traffic and greater exposure for your company, and ultimately more buying customers.

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Robert W May is a Real Estate Broker in Lethbridge Alberta, having now been in the industry for over 23 years. . He was also a licensed Lethbridge mortgage broker and financing expert with Canada First Mortgage of Calgary Alberta for the past 10 years.  He is an industry leader always willing to help train and educate others in how to improve their business models for financial and personal benefit.



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